The winter cyclist

Prompted by an excellent read of: Pedals & Pain Blog I figured I’d add my own take on things.

Winter……. the time when cyclists do one of three things, leave the bike alone until March, ride in all conditions known to man (and ensure we let everyone know about it) or retire to the turbo shed. I’m actually somewhere between the keep riding and decamp to the turbo shed, however unlike most people I know my turbo shed is a freezing cold outhouse, so the setup is more Balboa than Drago. It still takes some effort to get myself in there and that’s before the icy blast of the fan hits you. Character building.


Why bother you ask? Good question. Well as a competitive cyclist you always want to progress, progression isn’t going to happen curled up on the sofa watching Netflix while the rest of your mates are smashing lumps out of each other 3-4 times a week, so riding / training through winter has to be done. It’s hard, especially when your goals are so far away, but the old adage is “winter miles, summer smiles”, this would be great if we actually got a summer.

The eternal struggle

With a few days off over the Christmas period I have convinced myself that I can complete the “Rapha Festive 500”, this entails riding 500km / 310 miles between Christmas eve and New Year’s eve, it’s not going to happen. For two reasons, I struggle getting the time to do 100 miles a week never mind 300 in 9 days and secondly, it’s the time it takes so I think I’ll attempt my own challenge, 150 miles and 50 mince pies, that’s infinitely more doable, although best not to do it together…


A time for giving

Giving? Yeah whatever, Santa, I’ve been good this year, it’s time you delivered. I want a Canyon SLX or a Cannondale CAAD12 if you please, I deserve it, again I’m dreaming.


In fairness, unlike Santa (and Yodel), Mrs Murph always delivers 3 or 4 cycling related gifts that fill the void of a new bike, so at least when I can’t ride my bike, I’ll have nice things to look at. As a reward, I’ll blow my new wheel budget on her to compensate for my constant mithering, it’s not nearly enough.

Cycling abroad

Never going to happen. I’ve consigned that idea to the bin and made my peace with the Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites and Cote d’azur. The Peaks, The Strines and The Lake District are where it’s at for 2018, screw your warm sunshine, smooth roads and mountains, drizzle, potholes and getting covered in cow shit is what real bike riders do. Better get planning, it’ll likely involve a van and a very cheap B&B.


So that’s about it for now, eat lots, ride more, keep safe and enjoy your time off.

Thanks for reading.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sartenada says:

    Hello. Winter biking is normal.

    Biking – winter biking.

    Happy weekend!


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