Zwift – A game changer

Spirited warm up

After spending some time over the last week getting things setup and finding my way around I did my first proper session on Zwift last night, first impressions? Fantastic.

What is Zwift?

This is an actual screen shot, I’m the one in front.


After logging in and getting everything calibrated in a few minutes I started pedalling my way around “Watopia”, a virtual course created by the boffins at Zwift, this is only one such course, there are others. Naturally after pedalling for a couple of minutes and with riders flying past my exuberance got the better of me and I began going a bit harder, catching people, drafting people, pushing harder on the hills (witchcraft is involved in sending signals to my smart turbo trainer to simulate the terrain changes) and before long I’d done 7 virtual miles in 20 minutes at an average of 265W, which is basically my sweet spot, a very nice warmup (insert shocked face).


It was at this point that a warning came up that my race was about to start, I clicked OK and then I was transported to the start line with approximately 200 other riders, yes TWO HUNDRED other riders.

Race time

The race was one of the many that are organised every day on Zwift, it would be prudent to say at this point that I’m yet to get to grips with everything, I’m focusing on the pedalling side. There are a plethora of things you can do, like communicate with other riders. Communicate? Yeah basically tell them to wait or discuss race tactics, this really is a genius of a programme. I was initially sceptical but after one proper go I’m hooked. Anyway, back to the race.

As I’ve said I had no idea what I was supposed to do so I just pushed on a bit and gave it the beans on the sprint sections (managing 10th on the sprint segment for that race). The end result was that I’d done a very similar effort to that of a 25 mile TT, 50 minutes at 269W average racking up nearly 90 TSS points, although I think I probably need to retest or at least adjust my FTP as this is on the road bike and not the now departed TT bike.


The time flew by, well it would do when you have more than just the wall to stare at and a really engaging time, this is and probably already has become a game changer for some, I would also say it’s quite addictive (I’ve already used the word hooked), especially for those who are already gamers. It’s not the same as Grand Theft Auto though.


I’ll do a few more posts to document my experience but safe to say if your current turbo training regime is just tapping away whilst listening to music or some old cycling film then give Zwift a try, a half decent setup is not expensive, the rewards though are sure to be big.

Strava race link





4 Comments Add yours

  1. The races are nuts! Basically full on TT pace with added attacks and hill sprints!


    1. supermurph says:

      Indeed! I also realised that the power uploaded from Zwift is from my tacx not my stages. Quite a bit different.


      1. I think you can still use your Stages by choosing the trainer as controllable trainer, but powermeter option as your Stages (when you first log on).


      2. supermurph says:

        I think that’s how I had it, but I’ll double check next time. Thanks!


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