Where are the gorillas?

So with the car in the garage for a new boot switch I loaded the bike in the car and set off from the dealership at around 8:15am in cold and misty conditions for a couple of hours riding, the plan, well as usual I didn’t have one.

Setting off from home there’s always a hill to deal with, this time I was 20mph plus for at least 5 miles before turning left onto Gunn Hill. It was a nice change to do it in the daylight, I even saw that there was a golf course near the top, but today my legs just felt dead so I just plodded my way up, indeed it set the tone for the ride, plodding.

As I meandered my way around unfamiliar roads I came across another golf course, not sure if my dad has played there but it looked really nice, especially against the misty backdrop which I captured a bit further down the road.

A few uturns here and there and I ended back on familiar turf heading toward Belper. When I said plodding earlier, I still pushed on but basically didn’t bother going full gas anywhere.

Bit cold

I had planned to do a bit further today but to be honest I felt the motivation wasn’t quite there today, I think I was missing the buzz of the club ride so as I looped back round I ended up at the bottom of Wood Lane, having not put any real efforts in so far I decided to press on a bit.

As I increased the power, it was clear the legs weren’t having it but I did what I could and kept going to the top of the climb, net result was 29s slower than my PB of 3:42, pretty crap.

Having decided to cut it short I made my way back to the garage, leaving £178 lighter but glad to have got 30 miles in on another dry and bright winters morning.

Strava link
Relive the ride
Job done 👍👍

(First post created totally on my phone, technology eh).


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