A couple of lumps

Wednesday night is club night, with the route posted on Facebook earlier in the week I took a brief look and noted some of the climbs that we’d be facing, Crich Lane and Street Lane seemed to be the stand out one’s where no doubt everyone would be looking to give it the beans. Crich Lane I know, coincidentally my PB up where was on an SNCC ride nearly 2 years ago, Street Lane I’d not ridden before.

Having waited for the group to come my way I’d got a bit cold, not ideal when Crich Lane is only about 5 minutes away, but as we hit the bottom of the climb I ensured I was in the right gear and began the ascent. Melly (Iain Melrose) went to the front climbing out the saddle as I sat in behind, seated and pedaling furiously. The pace being set was strong so I just kept out of trouble, giving myself room in case he started to fade, remaining out the saddle he showed no signs of slowing so I knew this was going to continue to be hard all the way to the top. I have to say this was a lot of fun, you just don’t get this riding solo and whilst there were no prizes at the top it does spur you on to dig a bit deeper.

As Melly sat back down I pulled alongside, I think we briefly had a laugh, we each knew that this was hard going but with the end insight I decided to really open the taps and gave it some welly, the net result was a slightly slower time than I had done previous but about the power I’d anticipated, the slower time coming from a slightly less exuberant start.

Crich Lane – Confident I can take quite a few seconds off that PB


Back to the flat lands

After everyone regrouped we got back on the A6 and headed through Belper before making a left to go around some of the backstreets. We hit one climb, a few attacked, a few sat back before the speed really cranked up, so much so that myself, Melly and Daz took a wrong turn, it was a different left apparently but totally our fault. This left us 3 riding solo for a while before picking the group back up further down the road. I’m getting good at losing the group in the middle of a ride.

Street Lane

Never ridden it before, wasn’t sure how hard we’d be pushing but I cracked on anyway. It was clear a few were taking easy, Phil and couple of others including myself decided to push on. Street Lane as it turned out was a 1 mile plus climb with a few descents in the middle of it so at full speed it requires some effort. Phil and I rode pretty much together all the way, at one point I asked if we were going hard to the finish, a resounding yes was the reply so I gritted my teeth and dug in. Street Lane proved a good challenge and certainly had both of us giving whatever was in the legs, another good duel. It’ll be good to do that one again, this time starting a bit harder at the bottom.


A snapshot of this weeks efforts, I’m confident I could get nearer the 5 minute mark with a a full on effort from the start.

street lane leader.PNG


With only 19 miles covered so far I took the long way home, had another little sprint with Thomas Medley and then made my way back to South Wingfield. It’s mid-December now, we’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather so far, it’d be great if that continued into spring, although I think Turbo+Zwift+Road bike will be good fun if the weather does turn, certainly less problematic than getting comfy on a TT bike on the turbo.


wednesday sum.PNG

Strava Link

Relive the ride



Next up, Fast Friday.


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