Sniper fire

True to form after building up my fitness (well according to Training Peaks CTL anyway) the last couple of weeks have seen a dip in my riding time, these things can’t really be helped, it’s not been for the lack of trying. After 5 days off the bike I did get out on the South Normanton “Fast Friday” ride last week where despite the enforced rest I didn’t appear to have lost anything. To be honest I don’t think anyone ever loses the form they’ve built up after only 5 days’ rest, indeed the reigning National hill climb champion was airlifted to hospital on a Tuesday and won the event on the Sunday, although that’s perhaps not the recommended approach to take.

I also managed to get a few hours in on Sunday, although this was cut short by a puncture, an exploding valve no less that had a few people in Heanor ducking for cover. Inner tube replaced in 15 minutes but by then I’d got pretty cold and that was the only one I had on me. Thankfully I made it home ok.



The break wasn’t all bad, in that time I’d bought myself a new turbo trainer and some kit. My plan for never using the turbo again was never really going to work and with Zwift becoming more and more popular I figured it would be good to have the option if the weather really turns at any point. I also finally made up my mind on something I’ve been considering for a while, I decided to join the South Normanton Cycling Club. Whilst I’m unlikely to get out on many Sunday rides or the trip to Mallorca in May, Wednesdays and Fridays I should be a regular fixture. As I mentioned before, there are some strong riders in the group, riding solo has its advantages but I firmly believe some of the core riders will allow me to progress so it was a no brainer really.

The plan for week


Blown fuse in the bike shed meant I had to postpone turbo setup!

Tuesday (tonight)

Turbo session, maybe something virtual, if not I’ll call on some old sessions and have at least an hours hard effort. With the TT bike now gone and a heater bought, the turbo room will be a bit less cluttered and a bit more hospitable despite the freezing conditions outside. However, having written this yesterday I think it might be easier to just get out on the bike, thick fog dependent.


Weekly ride with South Normanton, not checked the route yet, but it’ll be good ride, approx. 2 hours over varied terrain.


Rest, although I might grab some turbo time if some setup is still required.


Christmas do, so sadly no Fast Friday for me this week, which is a shame as the forecast is mild and dry.

Saturday & Sunday

No plans to ride the bike on Saturday, that’ll be a family day, Sunday should present me with a few hours though. Hopefully no punctures this week…

A few too many gaps in this training log:


Despite the gaps I’m not letting it bother me, it’s been a busy time both work and at home so I know the consistency will return.




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