Stop the press: “Targets hit”

Weekly roundup



Monday – Monday Strava

Unlike the previous week, I got off to a solid start putting in 20 miles and over 1800ft of climbing on Monday. Although dark (newsflash it gets darker earlier in autumn) it was pretty mild so conditions were really nice. Sadly my legs weren’t feeling that great which was a bit frustrating but I pushed on up a few climbs and had an enjoyable 70 minutes on the bike. A nice start to the week.

Wednesday – Wednesday Strava

After last weeks fail to get aboard the South Normanton club ride I arrived in plenty of time, probably a bit too early as unlike Monday the temps had really dropped, I’d guess down to 3 or 4c by the time we set off. I have to say I really enjoyed this ride, there are some fast lads in the group and for that reason I’m about to sign up with them. There are riders that will really push me on, the social aspect of riding with others is a welcome change too.

We headed out on a flattish route but I knew there was going to be a big climb coming up, “Drum Hill”, which I hadn’t ridden before so although at the front of the 12-15 rider peloton I purposely kept something back. As we hit the climb the group exploded, some riders wanted to push, others taking it steady. I was in the former. It would be great to take this climb in the daytime but I was happy with my climbing legs and I stayed welded to Brent Holmes back wheel for the 5m 31s climb.

28.7 miles done in just under 90 minutes at an average of 19.5mph, a great evenings riding.

Friday – Friday Strava

Another cold one, so much so that the lack of temperature in my feet meant I cut this a little shorter than planned. I say planned but I never have the faintest idea where I’m heading, I just pedal and see where it takes me.

The net result was 80 minutes, 23 miles and 2000ft climbing. Conditions were a bit tricky, it was very cold, so much so that I actually overtook a motor bike going down bullbridge and that’s with the brakes on most of the way down.

Saturday – Saturday Strava

Despite getting out just before 5pm, this ride like the others this week was still in the dark. I’d set off with the purpose of pushing on a bit and really upping the elevation, I ended up doing 24.6 miles with 2,750ft climbing. I also bagged a KOM on a small segment called “Sprint”, I’d missed out on this by 1 second the previous day, 726W for 17s it took, not quite Jason Kenny but nice to open the taps.

Sunday – Sunday Strava


The week had been a tiring one, not bike related but having my son’s birthday on the Thursday and having to get our house ready for the kitchen fitters on the forthcoming Monday I almost didn’t ride. I was so close to my targets though that I didn’t want to miss out. At one point I said to the Mrs I’ll give it a miss but she told me to get out there and achieve my weekly goals, so at 7:15pm I kitted up and went out.

I had 3.5 miles, 35 minutes and 1500 feet to do to hit all my targets (6+ hours, 100+ miles and 10,000ft climbing), so I did one long climb pushing quite hard to get a good threshold / sweet spot workout then crammed in a few other lumps before letting rip at the “Cobra” segment Snake charming just round the corner from my house. I missed the KOM by 4 seconds but I think I can get that one in the bag another night.

Overall though, 16.2 miles, 53 minutes and 1,647ft of climbing. Targets for the week nailed.

The week ahead

Could be a struggle this week, but Wednesday, Friday and then the weekend look good, I’ll be pushing for those targets again.




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