Last nights ride – 11/10/16

With Sunday’s 2.1 mile hill climb at Beeley looming large I was keen to get out last night and put in a couple of efforts which would closely replicate what’s needed, essentially working on the highest power I could hold for 10 minutes. After a brief warm up in the cold, dark and now wet conditions that October is serving up I hit the lap button on my Garmin and started pressing on the pedals.

Strava Link

The route I choose for the effort went something like this, steady climb, flat, steep climb, steady climb, steep climb, short descent, steep climb, steady climb, finish. Throw in the dark and rain it’s a mental as well as physical challenge. At Beeley last year I put out 333W for a time of 10:32, last night for 12 minutes I did 305W, but my best 10 minute power was 311W so not too far away, I’ll be aiming for 330+ on Sunday, so all in all a reasonable confidence builder.


After recovering (which took some time), I descended 2 miles down another hill, did a u-turn and set off for effort number two. Initially my legs didn’t respond very well, they were nowhere near the power needed but I figured I’d do the climb anyway to build up some mental toughness! Net result was 10:15 at 287W, not that great but it’ll serve me well on Sunday when my legs are lungs are screaming at me to stop.


Beeley Hill Climb

The start sheet is now out for Sunday, 100 riders entered and some real quality in there. I’ve spotted a few names I’d like to beat but my priority is getting up the hill as fast as I can. Last year although I did 10:32, sadly due to mixing up my start time I got a 5 minute penalty, annoying because I was at the start way before I needed to be. The weather for Sunday is not looking great, heavy rain and a headwind which makes a fast time difficult, but I’ll dig in and do my best.

Great description of Beeley can be found here: Beeley Blog

Lead up to Sunday

I’ll not get chance to ride until Friday now which is not ideal but Friday I’ll do some sharp efforts then Saturday I’ll spend some time doing a recce of the climb as I haven’t ridden it for a while. That should leave me in good shape for Sunday, well as long as I can keep the chocolate consumption down, 3 days in and only one bag of maltesers eaten!



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