Weekend recap + 6 chair challenge update

Friday 7th October

In order to keep the legs sharp for my planned hill climb on Sunday I squeezed in an hour tonight that basically involved a few hard efforts. This included one of the climbs on my 6 climb challenge, “Rose Bank”.

Rose Bank

This is my street and  I’ve been keen to improve my time of 1:03 for a while but given I was in full winter gear in the dark I thought it might be a struggle. I perhaps didn’t go hard enough at the bottom, net result meant I equalled my previous time despite doing 7W more. There would be better news on Saturday though.

Birches Lane

The second hard effort of the night was up Birches Lane, I have the KOM on there already with 2:16, tonight I lowered that to 2:14 (not bad given the dark and laden with kit). I like this climb its good for reps as it goes up, ramps up slightly, levels, then goes up again so keeping on the gas is a challenge.

Ride summary

Relive the ride


Saturday 8th October

Nice to be out in the day time, albeit it was already quite cold when I got out at 4pm. Having decided not to compete in the Carr Lane hill climb I again just fancied riding for an hour with some efforts, really these rides are all about “enjoying” the climbing again and keeping my legs and lungs used to dealing with the hard effort which will come at Beeley next Sunday morning.

I thought I’d give Rose Bank another go, this time in the daylight I could see the task ahead a bit better and I gave it everything up the hill.

Rose bank saturday.PNG

As you can see from the power, all these recent hard efforts are now paying dividends, for 50 watts more I gained 5 seconds to move up to 3rd. When I say 3rd, this in no way means I think I’m the 3rd best climber around! Joe Clark for one would obliterate me if he had the mind to. But a satisfying self improvement, which for the most part is what Strava should be about.

rose top 3.PNG

Tried one of those on the go pics….


Ride summary

saturday summary.PNG

Sunday 9th October

Bit of a wasted day really, set off in glorious autumn weather but fancied watching the Crich Hill climb so having done just under an hour I rode up the climb and spectated. After an hour I ended up shivering so just did a bit more and went home.

Prior to that I’d given one or two climbs some welly and PB’d over some longer efforts, the form is definitely coming, so much so that I’d wished I’d entered Crich, maybe next year,

Ride summary

As you can see, only half of what was planned but better than nothing.

sunday summary.PNG


Weekly Summary

Not a bad week, slightly below target but an enjoyable weeks riding.

Miles, a bit under my 11o mile target, that was pretty much because of Sunday.


Time, slightly under my 6 hour minimum, again due to Sunday.


Climbing, slightly under on my 10,000 feet elevation, again due to Sunday…


But on the plus side my fitness has gone up, the intensity of my rides has been really hard and I can genuinely feel I’m heading in the right direction again.

Roll on next week.





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