Last nights ride – 5th October

After shaking off last weeks cold it’s been quite annoying to pick up a stomach bug, early hours Tuesday morning resulted in a mad dash to the toilet, Wednesday and indeed in to today I’m feeling pretty off it, not ideal when you have a hill climb coming up in 4 days time.

Given that I’m not dying, well at least not yet I ventured out last night to keep the fitness up, planned for 90 minutes or at least until I’d hit the amount of TSS (Training Stress Score) I’d entered into Training Peaks, the last bit sounds boring, it is, it’s just one of those silly acronyms that you find in cycling.


The temperatures really dropped last night, I was in pretty much full winter setup, overshoes, gloves, head scarf, bib longs, Gabba, but at least it was dry, I’m hoping the latter remains as cold and dark is OK, cold, dark AND wet is no fun at all.

Anyhoo, a solid ride, some decent efforts, only real issue is my rear wheel which is dying, it’s been a good soldier, nearly 3 years old, ridden through all conditions but it either needs a hub service, a new hub or replacing with a nice new shiny set of bling wheels, it’ll no doubt end up being the former.

Thankfully I’ve been loaned some wheels for the upcoming hill climbs so I can put off the repairs / replacement for a few weeks yet.

Link to Strava ride

Relive the ride


Rest day today, hopefully by Friday the stomach issue will have gone and I can get out of for some more hill climb prep. Having just seen the start sheet, it’s packed full of quality, I’ll aim for a course PB but at the moment just starting will be an achievement.


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